Das Keyboard 5Q: Cloud-Connected Keyboard

Redefining the way we use keyboards, Das Keyboard 5Q is the world’s first cloud-connected keyboard. By integrating an output, you can now use it as a dashboard too. Das Keyboard-5Q-Cloud-Connected-Keyboard-02 Built with a technology that provides incomparable response time, the Das Keyboard is an open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key on it to be colour-controlled over the Internet, and it can also stream information directly to your keyboard. Das Keyboard-5Q-Cloud-Connected-Keyboard-05 We often find ourselves with a thousand browser tabs open at one time and constantly switching from one to the other. At work, you might have to track a lot of information, whether it be keeping up with emails, project statuses, software build statuses or even checking the weather. This involves a lot of mental context switching as well, which can be tiring for the mind. Das Keyboard-5Q-Cloud-Connected-Keyboard-06 Being a full size high-performance mechanical RGB keyboard connected to the Internet, each RGB LED can be colour-controlled remotely to represent a specific piece of information. For example, the browser tab that shows your company software status can be set on the B key. If it glows green, that means it passes, and red means it’s a fail. You can program the keys on the keyboard to glow in different colours based on the information you define. This means you won’t need to click or switch anything to know what’s going on. You are able to see what is on your desk even if you’re looking at the monitor, because of your peripheral vision. This way, you won’t have to constantly shift your attention to check something, slowing down productivity.

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