Dart: Sleek and Tiny Laptop Adapter

The Dart is a 65W laptop adapter that was created by a team of MIT graduate students. Traditional laptop chargers are known to be heavy and bulky. The Dart weighs a mere 60 grams, and is only 2.5 cubic inches. The drastic reduction in its size is implemented by a patented MIT technology called very high frequency (VHF) power conversion. dart-tiny-laptop-adapter-02 The Dart is available in an assortment of bright colors and comes with a 6 foot cable cord. It is compatible with laptops that have a voltage of 18 – 21V* and a power level of ≤65 watts. To ensure that the Dart will work with your laptop, refer to the Dart Laptop Compatibility Guide. Macbooks require their own specific Dart as the standard is not Macbook suitable. dart-tiny-laptop-adapter-03 The Dart is a convenient and compact solution to the traditional laptop adapter. It is ideal for individuals who rely on their laptops, but who don’t want to haul around a cumbersome charger. dart-tiny-laptop-adapter-05

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