Cyclotron Cycles: Revolutionary Bike

Forget everything you know about the mechanics and visual aspects of bikes. After more than three years of extensive development and testing, Cyclotron Cycles has presented us with a smart bike. Fully integrated, the external components (such as the chains, cables, hubs and spokes) of a bike are no longer visible. This increases the aerodynamics of Cyclotron and removes dirt exposure, which is a common issue for typical bikes. These integrated components of Cyclotron gives it a very futuristic feel. Cyclotron-integrated-components-06 Cyclotron doesn’t just look revolutionary, it is. Cyclotron Cycles’ smart bike has a self-charging Li-ion battery pack, utility slot modules (USMs), customizable decal designs and Bluetooth sensors. The Cyclotron comes with USMs that cater to you. Located in between the wheels, they can storage groceries and items. For example, a polygon basket can hold two six-packs of water bottles. With two of these baskets, it will hold four six-packs. Cyclotron-polygon-basket-15 Because the majority of the members of Cyclotron Cycles have children, they designed a child seat system that can be attached to the smart bike. This feature is called “the Wingman”. The Wingman passes an independent safety certificate, which is comparable to the GS Mark or TÜV Rheinland certification. You can mount a Wingman on both sides of the back wheel, making Cyclotron a three-passenger bike. Cyclotron-double-wingman-11 Cyclotron comes with more than 10 integrated sensors. Its automatic light sensor stands out the most. This sensor enhances your visibility, especially at night, by turning on or off depending on the daylight situation. You can see below that it projects two red beams of light, creating a lane for the cyclist. Cyclotron-lane-projector-03 This revolutionary bike connects to an app that records data as the cyclist bikes. With the data, Cyclo learns the cyclist’s habits and adjusts accordingly. Plus, Cyclo has an in-app navigation and will suggest optimal gear selection. Cyclotron-app-04 Using space grade carbon fibre composites, Cyclotron is a durable and rigid bike that is extremely lightweight at the same time. As well, the frame of this two-wheeled transportation is shaped in a tube, which minimizes air resistance and turbulence during movement. Cyclotron-07 Whether you enjoy biking for leisure, convenience, or speed, Cyclotron gives you two cycling modes that you can switch between easily. One for sport, and the other, for comfort. It also comes in three sizes for us different height people. That’s why the Cyclotron Cycles team calls it the future of cycling.

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