CycloCable: Uphill Bicycle Lift

Inclement weather and both motor and pedestrian traffic aren’t the only things that can be deterring as a cyclist. Battling uphill slopes on a daily basis can be tiring to the body, and some places (San Francisco I’m looking at you!) are just overly hilly. Add that to a cyclist’s daily commute, and you can understand why people are more inclined to drive or take public transportation everywhere, losing the opportunity to get a workout as they ride. With Trampe CycloCable, an uphill bicycle lift, you’ll have just as fun going uphill as you will downhill. cyclocable-uphill-bicycle-life-03 Concocted in the Norwegian city of Trondheim over twenty years ago, CycloCable is an innovative and fun way to combat hilly environments. At the bottom of hills are stations where you align your bike and yourself upright. Your left foot remains on the pedal while the right is positioned firmly against a steel plate. Once you’ve activated the CycloCable to go, the cable runs along a track in the road and pushes you upwards at a speed of five feet per second; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride up! cyclocable-uphill-bicycle-life-02 The CycloCable in Trondheim can climb up a hill with an 18% grade and can move 360 cyclists an hour. Since the installation of the uphill bicycle lift, 41% of people who have used the CycloCable have found they are becoming more active and are biking more frequently now that they know they won’t have to tediously get off their bike and walk up hills. With ideas like an uphill bicycle lift in every city, it’s only a matter of time before cycling becomes a dominant form of transportation, forcing roads to become more bicycle-friendly and encouraging people to become more active.

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