CycloCable: The Ski Lift For Cyclists

CycloCable is a ski lift for cyclists created by Norwegian company Trampe. The lift is located in Trondheim, Norway where it was originally installed in August of 1993. cyclocable-the-ski-lift-for-cyclists-02 The technology of this ski lift for cyclists aims to help individuals on bikes effortlessly make their way up tall and steep hills. Since its opening day, the CycloCable in Norway has ferried about 200,000 cyclists up the 130 meter Brubakken hill. cyclocable-the-ski-lift-for-cyclists-03 The lift is straightforward to use, and when mounted properly, requires almost no energy from the rider—the trick being that you have to transfer all your body weight from the bicycle onto the footplate. cyclocable-the-ski-lift-for-cyclists-04 The CycloCable travels at a speed of up to 2 meters per second and is prepared to carry up to five cyclists simultaneously, transporting a maximum of 300 cyclist per hour. Wait time is no more than 12 seconds and using it is completely free. cyclocable-the-ski-lift-for-cyclists-05 Although the CycloCable is currently only located in Norway, plans are underway for the company to expand into the international market by developing a more industrialized version of the lift. Clients with plans for installing bicycle lifts in the coming years include cities in Europe, USA, Canada as well as South Korea. cyclocable-the-ski-lift-for-cyclists-06 Video:

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