Cut and Fold: Modern Furniture

Cut and Fold furniture turns paper craft into architecture, creating minimalistic and functional pieces for the modern home: the Flip Shelf and the Origami Chair. Andrea Kordos and Tony Round are the creators of Cut and Fold – two architects dedicated to simplistic and beautiful design. cut-and-fold-04 The Origami Chair may appear very rigid, but its construction ensures an ergonomic experience. The plywood pieces are connected with piano hinges providing the right amount of give and flexibility. The chair is an easily collapsible sculptural piece that utilizes clean lines and construction to complete any contemporary space. cut-and-fold-05 Similarly, the Flip Shelf is multifunctional and saves space by folding against the wall when not in use. It can be used in various ways throughout the home: nightstand, foyer shelf, side table, etc. The optional LED light provides soft mood lighting when folded and allows sufficient lighting for reading when opened. cut-and-fold-01 Both pieces come in four different colours: white, charcoal, orange, and walnut. Because the furniture is designed to collapse into flat pieces, they are easily shipped and packaged. All elements of product design and concept relay a sense of simple beauty and efficient practicality. To follow the Cut and Fold campaign on Kickstarter click HERE or visit the company website HERE.

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