Cut and Create – DIY Bottle Cutter

DIY lovers, rejoice! For those who love to craft and spruce up their spaces by reusing and recycling, the DIY Bottle Cutter by Cut & Create is here to lend a hand, particularly for those using bottles in their artistic endeavors. It may sound like a strangely specific tool (and it is), but with the rise in environmentally-friendly home decor, this wooden bottle cutter helps crafters mark and score out an accurate line on bottles so that they can be cut properly. It provides the first, and most important step in transforming glass bottles from their original forms to artistic re-imaginings. diy-bottle-cutter-03 Formed with¬†laser cut plywood, the Cut and Create Bottle Cutter is available in two shades: sanded wood or stained brown. Unlike many other bottle cutters, the C&C is adjustable, so users don’t need to worry about only being able to work with a single bottle size. In fact, the C&C can manage jars up to 3 Litres in size. Additionally, it comes with a variety of blade positions, as well as an adjustable bottleneck blade. So whether you’re cutting off the neck to make a vase, or cutting it near the base to make an ashtray, the C&C is there to aid your creativity. diy-bottle-cutter-02 It should be noted that the Bottle Cutter does not cut the glass itself. Rather, the purpose of the blade is to score out an accurate line. After that, boiling water must be poured on the crack, followed immediately by cold water, so that the shock breaks the glass evenly. Once this is done, you’re only a sanding away from having your new creation ready to use. And when the C&C isn’t in use, it makes a handy bottle holder too. diy-bottle-cutter-04 A little imagination and a lot of leftover bottles can go a long way. From glasses to candle holders and anything in between, the Cut & Create DIY Bottle Cutter is there to ensure your glass gets the perfect cut, every time. diy-bottle-cutter-05  

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