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There’s nothing like having unique and stylish furniture to add some sparkle to your home over the holidays. THINKK design studio, based in Bangkok, has designed a Lanna Factory machine that produces thread lampshades. Homeowners and design enthusiasts can now customize thread lamps that’s offered in various sizes and colours. The Lanna Factory machine is simply a wooden station equipped with five different spindles to which the thread colour can be adjusted. The station also has a large control wheel and foot pedals. thinkk-1 There is a special mould on the Lanna Factory machine that produces the special shape of these lampshades while the customization is presented in the detail of the threads used. The mould is made using PVC foam and the thread or yarn is pulled through a glue case and wrapped around the rotating mould. The mould is the n controlled through the foot pedals and directional control through the wheel. thinkk-2 Once the glue is dry, the shade can be removed from the mould and assembled. THINKK design studio’s philosophy is to create something unique for every home and to suit specific lifestyles. The element of uniqueness comes from a buyer being able to specify the colours and detail they want to fit their home’s decor and theme. thinkk-3 The production of these lampshades also has a low energy process that enables quick production and variety. While there may be other thread lampshades on the market, this interwoven design is an array of colourful thread that follows the shape of a unique mould. thinkk-4 The design studio actively references the traditional ball string lamps found in Thai flea markets. These ball string lamps are formed by wrapping cotton strings around a ballon with glue. Once this ballon is popped, you are left with a string casing. With THINKK studio’s lampshades, they are a simple way to add unique elements of design to your home while living in such a technologically-advanced state. thinkk-5 In the end it’s really special to have an element of your home that is uniquely designed by you and reflects what you want to portray in your home. Since its inception, these unique and customizable lampshades share certain Thai traditions with new and innovative low energy technology. For more information on these lamps, visit

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