Curvilux: Smart Nightstand

Technology at your beside! The Curvilux smart nightstand encompasses just that with a wide range of impressive technical features that one can enjoy as the benefits of this nightstand gives much needed attention to one’s daily electronic devices and offers other useful functions too. stand Charging a smart phone is one as such. Uniquely, the charge occurs wirelessly by placing a device onto this nightstand, and with its bluetooth connectivity one can answer calls too. An alarm can be set in, and the dual LED lights will mimic a sunrise alongside a morning alarm if one wishes or light the ground below it. Curvilux-2 The drawer for this nightstand is controlled by an electronic lock on a mobile which requires activation. Also, if one favours music through playlists, a stereo audio system integrates a playlist of music too. curvilux-3 There are USB ports for electronic devices, and this one-of-a-kind stand could cater to newer technical devices in the near future, just by placing it on this stand. One might be compelled to use this nightstand in another part of his/her home as its multi-functional platform can open other ideas for use. The assembly of the Curvilux nightstand requires a only few steps before usage as there are few items to assemble. Its composition that comes with delivery upon purchase is a power source, a wall bracket and a set of dowels and screws, which demands little effort to set up. It has a sleek, versatile look and comes in different colors. Also with a size that takes up 20 inches in height and a width of 11 inches it is not a compromise for space. There is an option not to use the legs of this stand either giving one to take up 5 inches in height with the same width instead. curvilux-3 Curvilux’s intentions were to start small. To have a nightstand act as an alarm, stereo, and charging station for user-friendly devices used and needed everyday, and potentially for other futuristic devices is definitely a good beginning for Curvilux.

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