Cube Tube – Vertical Ice Cube Tray

Quirky’s new invention, the Cube Tube, solves so many problems that traditional plastic ice cube trays have.

First, each cube is truly separate from each other, so you don’t have to do the annoying “twist” on the ice tray to separate the individual cubes anymore.

Second, the mechanism for releasing an ice cube is ingenious – you simply pull the tube out and the ice cubes fall out. No more scooping or turning the tray up-side-down.

The Cube Tube is so compact and designed to be stored in any orientation, unlike traditional trays which you must find a flat surface to lay it on. It also has its own cover, so the ice is going to be fresher (hey, some people really care!).

Lastly, this thing just looks so smart and beautiful. It makes you want to have a cold drink!

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