Transparent Kayaks and Canoes

If you’ve ever been on a clear-bottom boat, you know the overwhelming excitement of being able to see aquatic life up close and personal. Sadly for the beloved boats, transparent kayaks and canoes are the next wave (pun very much intended) of underwater viewing and are about to blow them out of the water (again, pun intended). kayaks Back in 2005, Clear Blue Hawaii introduced the Molokini Clear Kayak (pictured below). Made from polycarbonate material, it is known for its UV resistance and bulletproof glass. The kayak weighs 40 lbs, has an anodized aluminum frame, and can seat up to two people. However, swimming with the fishes doesn’t come cheap. The Molokini is priced at $2299.00 USD (with free shipping, of course). Fast-forward 12 years and the see-through kayak selection has largely expanded. Companies such as Driftsun, Klear Kanoo, and See Through Canoe have all emerged on the market, offering more selection and competitive pricing. Financially, the best of the group is from Driftsun and listed at $1599.00 USD (pictured below). Unfortunately, the product is currently sold out on the Driftsun website, but we’ll definitely be waiting all summer long for its restocking. The above image is Klear Kanoo’s kayak model, which is technically the only entirely clear model of the bunch. The Florida-based company similarly uses polycarbonate material and notes that the canoe can also be used as a stand-up paddleboard for those with better balance. At $1990.00 USD, it isn’t the cheapest, but it is definitely the most transparent to experiencing underwater viewing. Finally, the above item is the only hybrid canoe-kayak of the group, which is sold by See Through Canoe for $1800.00 USD. Similar to the others, the See Through Canoe model weighs in at 42 lbs, is made of polycarbonate material, and offers two seats for double the fun. If you’re feeling like a big spender, you can also purchase some of the accessories offered on the company website. Accessories include LED lights, a motor, or the Bimini top cover for some shade. Fingers crossed that the image above ends up being one of you this summer. Happy paddling!

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