Crystal Bubble Tent

Incredible and bizarre in design, the transparent crystal bubble tent structures are actually camping set-ups, designed to bring people closer to nature. They provide panoramic views and, though look more like huge goldfish bowls, are popular as a see-through inflatable tent. Crystal-Bubble-Tent-01 They are perfect if you are looking for something unconventional and want to get away from the regular camping gears and tents. Decked with wardrobes, kitchen, shelves, and electric bulbs, these bubbles in fact are more like portable hotel rooms. Crystal-Bubble-Tent-02 French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas claims that these unique tents are his ‘BubbleTree’ creations and are ‘unusual huts for unusual nights’. They provide a rich view of the night sky, sunset and sunrise. Crystal-Bubble-Tent-03 The transparent ceiling of the bubble is more like a galaxy at night. The designer assures that these beautiful structures provide an unparallel and new camping experience. The clever design of these bubble huts keeps outside sound minimum, while the inner noise is magnified. It’s a place where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Crystal-Bubble-Tent-04 With these see-through crystal tents one can enjoy nature as well as luxury. The Crystal Bubble Tent is fully furnished with sofa sets, bed, lamps and cushions. They might seem like a hotel room, but the difference is you can choose your surroundings, be it mountains, lake shore or a dense jungle. Crystal-Bubble-Tent-05 Video:

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