Crumple Ball Notepad : Making Working Fun.

It’s frustrating when you’re writing down a document only to realize you’ve missed something, made a typo, worded a sentence wrong and you have to crumple up that paper and begin anew. However, when you toss that crumpled ball of paper into a trash can halfway across the room without even getting up from your chair, you can’t help but feel a little sense of playful elation as the paper sinks into the basket; that piece of paper may not be the document you wanted it to be, but it still got you a goal. That’s where the crumple ball notepad comes in – sheets of paper with back prints from your favourite sports to make that experience all the more real and fun for you. crumple_ball_notepad_03 The Play More notebook consists of 48 pages, ruled on one side and designed on the other side in such a manner that when you crumple it up, it’ll look like a ball from any sport you desire, whether it be football, basketball, soccer, baseball, the list goes on. The notepad consists of 8 different styles, to include diversity in your goals. If you’re tired of basketball, use a sheet of paper with a football design on the back! crumple_ball_notepad_02 What makes this notebook so great is that it can be used anywhere! At home, at office, in the classroom, outdoors (as long as you promise not to litter, think of the squirrels), this is truly a cute and playful invention designed to bring a smile to Jack the dull boy’s face! For anyone who has been guilty of crumpling up a piece of paper to throw it in the trash (and by anyone, I mean everyone), this is definitely a product worth buying over and over again.

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