Crua Hybrid: 4-in-1 Tent/Hammock

Camping is the quintessential activity of the summer. Camping also requires a lot of equipment. Although equipment is an essential aspect of camping, it is the most inconvenient part about camping. That’s why Crua Outdoors has created the Crua Hybrid. Crua Hybrid is a tent/hammock hybrid that makes a weekend camping trip so much easier than any avid camper can imagine. crua-hybrid-4-in-1-tenthammock-04 The Crua Hybrid combines four camping essentials into one. It comes with a tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress and is convertible into a hammock. Tents are an obvious camping must. The walls of this tent are made with bug-proof mesh, which allows for effective ventilation while keeping pests out. Around the frame of the tent is a hydrophobic nylon cover that can be put over the mesh to protect campers from the weather. The frame of the tent is made with lightweight yet durable aircraft grade aluminum, making it easy to carry and reliable. crua-hybrid-4-in-1-tenthammock-03 If you’ve ever been camping, you know firsthand that the forest floor is not made for sleeping. That’s why having an air mattress is essential. Having an air mattress allows campers to set up camp nearly anywhere. Having an air mattress built in to your tent gives you one less thing to carry, making this tent both convenient and versatile. This goes for sleeping bags too. The wilderness is cold and campers need a way to stay warm at night. Having a sleeping bag built in to your tent gives you one less thing you need to remember. crua-hybrid-4-in-1-tenthammock-02 Crua Hybrid can also be converted into a hammock. During the day, you may not want to sit around on the ground. The ability to convert your tent into a hammock makes spending a day in the forest much more pleasurable and comfortable. Camping is often a communal experience; however, the size of Crua Hybrid is only large enough for one person. But, this tent is attachable to other Crua Hybrid models, which allows campers using this tent to maintain the communal nature that camping is known for. Camping has never been more convenient than with the Crua Hybrid.

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