Crane: Kinetic Lamp

There are a lot of factors that can go into a purchase. When you purchase something you want it to be worthwhile. It could be something that speaks to you personally or something unique, but either way, there is a reason for your purchase. Matt Gilbert founded Animaro, a furniture design studio, to bring furniture to the market that speaks to old timey truths and wonderfully unique products. The first product in Animaro’s selection is the Crane Lamp.

The Crane Lamp harkens back to the nostalgic late 1800’s and early 1900’s in which most things moved. Compared to everything else in the twenty-first century being automated, the intricate movement of the Crane Lamp feel like it is alive and has its own personality. Think about the presence of old telephones or record players, but still practical and exquisite. Gilbert also credits the inspiration for the Crane Lamp to the crane bird extending its neck to catch prey.

The lamp is composed of hardwood parts and brass pins. The parts enable the different segments of the lamp to expand or contract in order to raise or lower the lamp. The compact size of the lamp’s base and profile and the lowest setting enables it to be placed in cramped spaces. No matter the height that the lamp is positioned in, the lamp is balanced with a spring to counteract the weight. There are also steel plates in the base to add extra stability. All parts are made to withstand frequent use and to ensure that the Crane remains in your home for as long as possible.

The Crane Lamp is available in a floor and desk sized version. The desk version has a height range of 44-95cm, a depth range of 40-64cm, and is just 11cm across. The floor version has a height range of 59-180cm, a depth range of 47-85cm, and is just 15cm across. The Crane is truly a compact and versatile lamp for any space.

Available in oak, walnut, and sapele wood, the Crane Lamp also allows you to choose the colour of the cable running through the lamp. Those colours are navy, green, anthracite, mustard, burgundy, and rust. This lamp not only bolsters versatility of being placed in your home but also in how it can appear within your space.

It might have seemed odd that the Crane is not shown with a lampshade in any of the photos. That is because the Crane uses bulbs that emit a soft, warm glow so there is no need for a lampshade. If you would like to add one, every Crane Lamp purchase includes a lamp holder and shade ring so that you can add your own shade.

The Crane Lamp is versatile and interesting piece that you need in your home. Bringing about feelings of nostalgia for the past, while still being viable in your space and looking good while doing it. All of the materials are prepared and assembled in England or Italy, so you are investing in a product that lasts. Animaro ships worldwide, so nothing can stand between you and owning your very own Crane Lamp. To get your own Crane or look into what interesting thing Animaro makes next, visit their Kickstarter for more information.

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