CR45: Stylish Cantilevered Chair

Josef Lang of Many Hands Design has a come out with a new design.  His latest creation is a simple chair known as the CR45.  The name sounds a bit like a car model, but it’s definitely a chair, and there’s definitely a reason behind its name.  Lang created this sleek chair using bent steel rods with a cantilever method, which allows the chair to support itself.  The prototype was originally conceived in Denmark, where the area code is 45, and so the CR45 (Cantilever Rod 45). CR45-06 It’s the sort of chair that’s an ideal piece for the minimalist, the modernist or the artist.  Lang aimed to avoid thicker, awkward lines in the chair that many in the same style fall into because they use hollow tubing.  By using a different material, Lang was able to achieve a much thinner frame, and to maintain a certain elegance in the chair.  And because he chose to use a cantilever method to support the chair, as it accepts someone’s weight, the frame gently flexes and increases comfort. CR45-02 The back slats, made of a nylon cord that helps with the stability of the chair, is woven within itself and around the rods to create a seamless design and a comfortable backrest. CR45-07 In order to keep the design clean and simple, both the knots in the nylon and the welds on the frame have been strategically hidden. CR45-03 The CR45 has a Kickstarter campaign that has already achieved its goal, further demonstrating its appeal to consumers, and Lang has offered the option of colour to the frame as the prototype becomes a reality and the chair comes on to the market.

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