Coupe Sofa : Transform Bunk Bed Into Sofa

A godsend to anyone looking to minimize space consumption in their homes without having to minimize on furniture, the Coupe Sofa is a stress-reliever directly and indirectly ! An item that can transform from a bed to a sofa in a minute, who can resist such an economic, yet comforting buy ? The idea was conceived and brought to life by Proteas, a 56 year old Greece-based furniture manufacturing company. What makes this item so appealing is how easy it is to use and maneuver – you can transform the Coupe Sofa into a bunk bed in exactly 14 seconds, either with help or by yourself ! Coupe_Sofa_01 The sofa essentially thrives on an Italian mechanism which makes popping two beds out of a single sofa, really easy. First, remove the cushions from the sofa and then pull the top seating surface. Pulling the seating surface will allow the seating area to stack up as the top bunk, leaving the second bed to be pulled out from the base. Just like any other bunk bed, the second bedding comes with an attached ladder, making it easy to climb onto the top bunk bed without any issues whatsoever. It also includes an embedded guard rail protection for children/adults sleeping on the top bunk bed. coupe_sofa_03 It has diverse uses as the Coupe Sofa can not only be used by children but also by adults. It has been manufactured to easily hold the weight of the average adult. Hence, not only can you use this invaluable piece of furniture for your children’s sleepovers but also for your own!! The sofa-cum-bunk bed comes in a variety of textures and colours, such as beige, red, green, brown and so on. The mattresses are orthopaedic foam, just like the base and hence medically very safe for those suffering from back issues. coupe_spfa_03 If you’re still not convinced with your buy, this sofa comes with a 2 year factory warranty mechanism; should you feel any discomfort or uncertainty with your purchase, just send it back ! That is of course, on the much too rare occasion you should feel the need to do so, since this is definitely a must-consider, if not a must-buy.

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