The Cortex: 3-D Printed Cast

For anyone who’s ever had to get a cast after breaking a limb, the discomfort of wearing heavy plaster or fiber glass is an experience not forgotten too quickly, and enjoyed by none. New Zealand – based designer Jake Evill¬†has created The Cortex, a cast that is created using 3-D printing, and aimed at providing broken limbs not just with better support, but with ventilation as well. the-cortex-3d-printed-cast-02 The Cortex works like this: an initial X-ray scan is taken of the broken limb to map out the break. A follow up 3-D scan creates a blueprint for the cast, mapping out the contours of the limb so the cast is able to support it at maximum capability. Using this information, the cast is created in half, so that it can be snapped together onto the wearer’s limb using snap-fit technology that secures the cast in place. What’s more, unlike regular casts, the Cortex is printed with ventilation holes to allow the skin to breathe, so no longer will patients have to suffer from overheated skin or malodorous limbs. the-cortex-3d-printed-cast-01 Lightweight, waterproof, even stylish, the Cortex addresses all the issues faced with plaster and fiber glass casts. As an added bonus, it’s made of environmentally friendly nylon material, so the cast can be recycled once it has fulfilled its purpose. With all these features and its futuristic potential, the Cortex promises to ‘cast’ a new light. the-cortex-3d-printed-cast-03

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