Coral Lamp: Solar Powered Lighting Set

The Coral Lamp, created by Serbian designer Marko Vuckovic, is comprised of a series of unique and contemporary light bulbs. The light bulbs are powered by solar energy which is absorbed through the base of the lamp. coral-lamp-solar-powered-lighting-set-02 Inspired by endangered coral species, the lamp has a very oceanic feel. It includes multiple bulbs that vary in size, a solar panel, and a light switch. Since the lamp is powered by solar energy, it must sit near a window in order to light up in the evening. coral-lamp-solar-powered-lighting-set-03 All in all, the Coral Lamp is a sustainable, well-designed conversation starter. It is eco friendly, has an statement to make and can add style to any decor. coral-lamp-solar-powered-set-04

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