Shelfie: Home Bike Hanger

A neat and impressive way to hang your bike on a wall, Shelfie Home Bike Hanger is designed for a scratch free bike storage. There is a special counter for the helmet as well. shelfie-home-bike-hanger-01 You can hang both your bike and its helmet for easy access, to go out for biking just grab your bike and the helmet as well from one safe place. shelfie-home-bike-hanger-02 Designed to fit on any modern home wall, accentuating and blending into small space, the hanger provides an easy resting place for the bike. It hooks and hangs the bike by the seat ensuring no scratches on the frames. shelfie-home-bike-hanger-03 There are plenty of colour themes to choose from to match your wall. The frame comes with two vinyl protectors, one black and the other red, orange, purple, silver or green for you to choose from! shelfie-home-bike-hanger-04 Depending on how you want to display and hang your bikes on your wall, you can mix and match and just get creative with hanging them. The bike seat and Shelfie Home Bike Hanger are durable enough to handle hanging the item, even at a height of 8 feet. How much space you need to hang two bikes! shelfie-home-bike-hanger-05 Hanging bikes on Shelfie home bike hanger look cool, like a modern wall art display. Great way to show off!

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