Coolest Cooler

Coolest is a completely rethought and redesigned cooler that you can take with you on any of your outdoor adventures. coolest-cooler-02 In a nutshell, the Coolest is a cooler which does everything a traditional cooler fails at: It is a portable battery powered blender which you can use to make all sorts of smoothies; coolest-cooler-03 A wireless speaker system which connects with any Bluetooth capable phone or device within a 30-50 foot range, allowing you to listen to music for 8-12 hours on a single charge; coolest-cooler-04 And a USB charger which you can use to juice-up anything from your digital camera to your cell phone — not to mention that the USB outlets are waterproof. coolest-cooler-05 Besides combining all the devices mentioned above the Coolest also comes equipped with tie-down straps which can be used to securely attach any additional things you may want to take with you on your trip; extra large wheels which make transporting the cooler across various kinds of terrains a lot easier, a beer opener, an interior light so that you can find things inside of it when it gets dark, and a built-in storage for reusable plastic plates (which also double as a cutting board) and a knife. coolest-cooler-06 It would be hard to deny that this is probably the coolest cooler currently available in the market. coolest-cooler-07 Video:

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