Convertible Shelf Table

The Convertible Shelf Table is inventive furniture that can be both a shelf and a table. It is perfect for anything, from a rustic lifestyle to a minimalist lifestyle, and everything in between. convertible-shelf-table-09 Bring focus to your room with a piece of furniture that can be more than meets the eye. You don’t have to settle for buying just a table or just a shelf, when the Convertible Shelf Table can turn and reverse into each. convertible-shelf-table-02 It’s a great way to de-clutter and add space to your small apartment or any room in the house. convertible-shelf-table-10 Impress your friends with this multi-functional piece. You can use it to store anything from your books and photo frames to plants. Or you can turn the planks vertically, to transform it into a dining table.   convertible-shelf-table-04 In addition, the shelf can rotate into the standard shelf or a ladder shelf. Adjusting the angle of the planks allows you to continue to display the uniqueness of the Convertible Shelf Table. convertible-shelf-table-01 Also available as a coffee table, the Convertible Shelf Table will accentuate your home.With choices such as mahogany, chestnut or rustic wood, not only can you bring character to your home, but also express your own personality. convertible-shelf-table-05 The Convertible Shelf Table is a revolution, whether you use it to store your stuff or have your dinner.

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