CONNEX: A Creative Universal Cable

In today’s Wireless Age, it can be extremely frustrating to have to deal with cables that are all tangled up or cables that are simply too short. The CONNEX™-cable is the perfect solution for these problems. This smart cable is the size of a credit card and the organized zigzag design prevents tangles. connex-02 The cable can stretch up to 18 inches, which gives you a ton of flexibility to connect devices at a distance, even at a stubborn uneven port level. The flexibility also allows easy and instant return to its original form. The design is functional and simple. CONNEX can be used for:
  • Data transferring (phone, tablet, camera, speaker, navigation device, laptop, Mac, PC)
  • Device charging (phone, tablet, camera, power bank, speaker)
connex-05 This cable is compatible with Apple and Android. Both an Apple Lightning Connector version for all Apple product connectivity and a Micro USB connector version for most Android devices and PC are available. The design is unique and fun, creating a universal cable that is self-collapsible. It is made out of long-lasting synthetic silicone, creating elasticity and bringing physical strength, while having an overall no-tear design. connex-06 You have the freedom to personalize the cable, whether you want to doodle, sketch, or draw your logo on it– the possibilities are endless! connex-3 The cable colours vary from baby blue to lime green to vermilion to white to soft black. connex-04 With CONNEX, you no longer have to worry about cables annoyingly tangling or cables that are simply too short. This slim and flexible cable reinforces the convenience of the Wireless Age. Check out the CONNEX Kickstarter page here!

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