Conform Chair: Bends to Your Will

New York-based artist and industrial designer William Lee, the founder of Industrial Strength Design Studio, has created the graphic and original Conform Chair. Born in Macau and raised in San Francisco, William Lee is an artist at heart and a designer at mind. He defies rules to bring out the uniqueness in his designs. Conform-Chair-Bends-to-Your-Will-01 Geometrically inspired, and absolutely modern in outlook, these minimalist seats look like misshapen cube-like frames. A pure yet clever concept, that is designed to give the user a comfortable seating experience. The set is a rectangle cut in half, with the two pieces inverted, and colored in opposite shades. Conform-Chair-Bends-to-Your-Will-02 At the first glance, the Conform chairs do not look like chairs at all. The set comes in neon green and pink frames, with seats that are made of stretchable, woven elastic. Conform-Chair-Bends-to-Your-Will-03 The beauty of the seat lies in the fact that the seat conforms to the body of the user. The design gives the feeling of comfort as the woven elastic material stretched over the frames, conforms to the contours of the body. Conform-Chair-Bends-to-Your-Will-04

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