Compact: Cardboard Furniture

Internationally published in 2009, the COMPACT furniture by Pedro Games remains a unique, playful design with an easy yet fun assembly method. Made from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene, this cardboard furniture is extremely durable and eco-friendly. Produced from recycled materials, this sustainable product can be completely recycled. COMPACT is packaged as five flat board pieces, making it a compressed and portable furniture piece for easy transportation when you need to move it around. Plus, its disassembled form lets you save storage space for when you put it away too. compact-flat-boards-01 The assembly of the COMPACT furniture is extremely stress-free. It is nothing like building IKEA furniture with sometimes confusing instructions. You can build the flat board pieces however you like as long as each piece interlocks at the locking areas. The locking areas should then be glued with wood glue, but if you like to keep the option of changing the furniture up from time to time then the locks would hold just fine. compact-assembly-02 One of the modules includes an interior lamp, making COMPACT a fun, ambient design for your work space. compact-lamp-04 Below is an example of a possible desk arrangement: compact-desk-space-03 As seen above, the COMPACT furniture is capable of being a work space while simultaneously being a storage space as well. compact-05 With multiple ways to assemble the COMPACT furniture to your liking, this cardboard furniture is a sustainable, eco-friendly product that’s easy to assemble and move around without losing a unique, fun aesthetic.

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