Cóm Oda: From Writer’s Desk To Director’s Chair

spread out chair
The Cóm Oda is a unique desk that’s capable of transforming into a set of six director’s chairs. Designed by the Spanish studio, Mr. Simon, the Cóm Oda is meant to be an alternative to the ugly folding chair that you hide in a closet. This is an ideal solution to impromptu gatherings or when extra seating is needed in a limited space. stacked desk The desk is made from the arms of the folding chairs, which are basic wood and cloth to make an eco-friendly converting piece of furniture. The chairs, when folded, stack side by side to create an even flat surface to work on. The wood is antiqued to give a gorgeous weathered look and makes it something to show off rather than tuck away and hide. When the chairs are together, the printed design on them becomes more apparent and reveals an old commode. If nothing else, the Cóm Oda has a sense of humour with its personality. Close-up chair The Studio of Mr. Simon works with experimental designs. They created products and graphics that are out of the ordinary and work with an inspiration to improve on existing designs while keeping their own brand image of simple and clear aesthetic. With the Cóm Oda, the faded print relaxes into the background to reveal the more prominent ideal of simplicity, leaving only what is necessary in Mr. Simon’s pieces. desk and chair

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