Colours: Vibrant and Soothing Modular Seating

Colour is the new collection of bright and soft seating designed by French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. It brings a splash of life to contemporary spaces. Created for the American furniture brand Bernhardt Design, this collection resembles misshapen jellybeans that can be melded together to create colourful, plush benches. This innovative line of modular seating feels organic in its shape and fun in its upholstery. Colours_02 Colours is designed to visually break up large spaces such as waiting areas and lobbies. It’s also designed to be eye-catching and unique. The seats in the Colours collection come in 12 different shapes and sizes. The gentle slopes and indents in the sides of these seats create an organic feel to Colours. They can be arranged into large, free-flowing configurations to create relaxing conversation spaces in large, open areas, or different shapes can either be used separately as contemporary plush benches. The seats can be purchased with either fabric or leather upholstery, and the feet of the chairs are made with non-scuff plastic covered in vinyl to prevent sliding. Colours_03 Whether you choose to mix seats of different colours together, or create an arrangement out of a single colour, Colours is a visual treat in large, minimalist spaces, or a great accent piece in a funky, contemporary room. The freedom of size, colour, and configuration makes this design fun–like a free-flowing puzzle. These quirky seats made a splash at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and at Neocon in Chicago this year, and will be coming to stores very soon. If your living space needs a burst of colour with a soothing, organic and comfortable design, Bernhardt will have Colours available for purchase in September 2015 (this month!). Colours_04

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