Colour Picker: Scan Colours For Art

The concept pen Colour Picker by Korean designer Jinsu Park works like a photoshop tool in real life. The pen can scan almost anything with its sensors; once the colour is detected, its RGB cartridge within the pen mixes the ink together to create the colour that was scanned. Color-Picker-Scan-Colours-for-Art-02 In today’s world of growing technological sorcery, the software tools from your computer are stepping out of the digital screen. That pipette icon in image software can reproduce any colour you want, and soon you can have your own version in your real life pencil case. Simply scan anything with the colour sensor on the top of the pen, and instantly the RGB cartridge will mix the colour the reproduce the exact colour you just scanned. Almost anyone, including kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students can copy the exact colour from any object at the touch of a finger. Especially when it comes to artists, it is always a hassle to carry so many markers and paints with you. With the Colour Picker pen, you no longer need to worry about not bringing enough colours or perfecting the right shade. Color-Picker-Scan-Colours-for-Art-05 All range of artists and designers will be able to create a better visual and colourful palette with their surrounding colours. With an almost unlimited colour range, it will truly inspire anyone’s imagination. Color-Picker-Scan-Colours-for-Art-04

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