Collector USB Flash Drive

The Collector USB Flash Drive a design by Fang-Chun Tsa uses Micro-SD cards as it’s own memory. By inserting the Micro-SD cards into the USB flash drive you expand the memory capacity of the flash drive. This makes the flash drive’s memory completely adjustable to fit your needs. Collector-USB-Flash-Drive-03 To insert a Micro-SD card you simply slide back the lid on the top part of the flash drive to expose three slots where you can insert the small memory cards. After inserting the memory cards they are used as the one increasing the memory capacity of the flash drive. Each card can also be of a different capacity to meet the needs of the user for example you can have two 8gb cards and one 16gb card. Collector-USB-Flash-Drive-02 Being able to use Micro-SD cards gives the Collector USB Flash Drive an advantage over conventional flash drives. It also makes cost effective because you can reuse your old cell phone Micro-SD cards. The Collector USB Flash Drive is still an idea and not yet in production so specifications on the product are not yet available. Collector-USB-Flash-Drive-04

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