Coin: Digital Magnetic Strip Card

Following a vision to flatten our wallets, Coin is a single card that can combine all kinds of credit, debit, and membership cards. coin-digital-magnetic-strip-card-4-D With a simple design similar to the cards you already use, the Coin is swipe-able and can be used to pay for any meal or item sold where cards are accepted. coin-digital-magnetic-strip-card-5-E With a push of a button, the Coin can change from one card to another. Each card you want to use wit the Coin is first transmitted via a smartphone plug-in device. Through the App, you swipe in the cards you’d like to store in the Coin. coin-digital-magnetic-strip-card-3-C For security purposes, the Coin is designed to stay connected to you. Via low-powered bluetooth signals, Coin senses whether you are getting too far away and sends a notification to your phone to remind you. coin-digital-magnetic-strip-card-6-F If the Coin is disconnected from your smartphone for more than 10 minutes, it will automatically disable itself for safety. Each Coin card is powered by a battery that will last up to 2 years. coin-digital-magnetic-strip-card-02-B Video:

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