Codeybot: Robot Who Teaches Coding

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, coding has become an important and invaluable skill set. Teaching basic programming language through Makeblock’s Codeybot makes learning fun and interactive. With its LED screen, this educational tool offers drawing panels, as well as wifi connected speakers. Codeybot can dance and battle, providing hours of entertainment whilst gently introducing youths to the more difficult world of programming. codeybot-02 With its futuristic aesthetic, this teaching robot self-balances and transforms depending on its function. Its customizable nature and high-tech appearance is a spectacle that children will be happy to investigate, and thus learn from. Dancing, drawing, battling, teaching. This robot does it all. codeybot-04 Codeybot is also designed to accommodate a variety of learners: auditory, visual, and tactile. Makeblock is seeking to expand this design’s potential by planning additional accessories and upgrades to enhance the Codeybot experience (ex. Cameras, smart device attachments, etc.). codeybot-03 Makeblock endeavours to make good technology affordable and accessible. Depending on the desired package, the price for a Codeybot ranges from $129 to $298. In a world of constant technological change, this safe and durable product is the future for learning coding. To read more about Codeybot visit Makeblock’s Website, or campaign on Kickstarter.

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