COBI: Integrated System for Your Bike Accessories

The variety of accessories for bikes nowadays has certainly expanded, and is only growing as technology advances.  From the typical bell, lock, and light to phone holders and mapping systems–it can all be quite overwhelming.  To simplify sprucing up your bike, German-based company COBI GmbH have developed COBI, an all-in-one, integrated bike system. cobi_04 (738x492) COBI GmBH’s primary concerns are design and quality, a fact that is evident in COBI.  The entire system is based from the hub, which acts as the central intelligence unit.  It can easily be installed to the centre of your bike handles in less than five minutes with a few screws.  From there, the hub acts as a mount for your smartphone and has the ability to simultaneously charge the device with a detachable rechargeable battery pack. cobi_01 (738x490) Using the Apple and Android compatible COBI app, your device then connects wirelessly to the hub, granting you access to an array of intelligent assistance functions. The app’s main performance screen displays data such as your speed and direction, and the current temperature.  Using the thumb wheel controller that attaches to your handle for maximum safety (i.e. keep two hands on the handlebars at all times, folks), you can flip to other functions such as the precise turn-by-turn navigation and route mapping.  The system even lets you track your fitness statistics, answer calls, and control your bike ride soundtrack. cobi_03 (738x496) On the safety front, COBI’s AmbiSense light system brings several of the features from a car to your bike, including daylight, low-power, and full-power beam settings, optional turn signals, and brake lights. cobi_06 (738x493) cobi_05 (738x492) And worry not about the thumb controller getting in the way of your bike bell; COBI has a built-in electric bell that echoes just like a real one, and sounds with the push of a button on the controller.  Security-wise, a theft-resistant alarm setting that is activated through the app to detect suspicious activity keeps unwanted attention at bay. So spare yourself the trouble of coordinating all of your different bike accessories, for COBI is truly an all-inclusive smart integrated bike system.

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