Coat Hanger STICK

Is your winter jacket accessible? Tomoyasu Naito has designed the Coat Hanger STICK with cozy living spaces in mind. The coat hanger is a minimalist wall feature that livens up cold, nonfunctional wall spaces. coat-hanger-stick-5 The STICK, shaped like a hockey stick, extends from the floor and rests against the wall. At five feet tall, the STICK can store even the longest items. The simple design makes it lightweight, so the STICK is easy to move. coat-hanger-stick-12 Felt lining on the base of the STICK and the wall piece ensures that the coat rack won’t damage the wall or the floor. Made from birch plywood, the material of the STICK makes it a durable product. The raw colour of the birch wood brings a little taste of the natural environment to the domestic space. coat-hanger-stick-9 The top of the stick is grooved for three hangers. The grooves allow hanging coats to fit comfortably and look organized on the rack; so, bigger or bulkier jackets can hang with room. coat-hanger-stick-3 This is not your average coat hanger—in fact, without an item on the STICK, it becomes a kind of installation. It’s functional, minimalistic, and tucks nicely against the wall. Utilizing otherwise nonfunctional wall spaces, the STICK seems to be doing something different for the entranceway.

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