Cloud Couch: Floating Sofa

The future is here. Forget the traditional sofa that sits on your floor,z Hong Kong-based designers David Koo and Zheng Yawei came up with the new future couch that resembles the cloud. From ostensibly soft and fluffy to comfort, and better yet, it floats just like a real cloud would. Cloud-Couch-Floating-Sofa-02 With ultra comfort and relaxation, Cloud couch is designed to mimic a real cloud not only in its shape and texture, but also its material side of lightness. The Cloud uses a magnetized base plate planted on the floor that repels the couch, and literally suspending it in mid air. So no matter if you want to sit and work or take a little nap to release stress, you can always spent your time relaxing on the Cloud couch. Cloud-Couch-Floating-Sofa-03 With all the modern couches been made, the Cloud is sure to be the first creative couch that has ever been designed and lies within its own league.The Cloud is not tethered with any steel cables, which also makes the couch a beautiful thing to simply look upon. It received an honorable mention at the RELAX furniture design contest, making it one step closer to a design masterpiece.

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