CLIQ: Self-Separating Magnetic Clothes Hangers

CLIQ magnetic clothes hangers are beautifully crafted, minimalist additions to anyone’s closet. Made with magnets, they help you avoid having your hangers and clothes in a tangle. CLIQ-self-separating-magnetic-clothes-hanger-02 The hangers come in a selection of colours: natural birch, transparent white, or black. These neutral shades add to the simple yet sleek design of the product. CLIQ-self-separating-magnetic-clothes-hanger-03 With each hanger holding up to 2 kilos (4.4 lbs), CLIQ can hold anything from a t-shirt to a suit. CLIQ-self-separating-magnetic-clothes-hanger-04 They will work with any clothing rack, no matter its shape–just as long as it is made of metal. CLIQ-self-separating-magnetic-clothes-hanger-05 Video:

Cliq Premium from on Vimeo.

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