Clip Mouse: The Clip-on Portable Mouse

The Clip Mouse is a conceptual product created by designer Frank Guo for the 2012 Lite-On Awards design competition. It provides an added solution to portability by eliminating the need to carry around a cumbersome mouse whenever you take your laptop out of your home or office. This is perfect for laptop users who insist on using a USB or Bluetooth mouse over built-in trackpads. Clip-Mouse-The-Clip-on-Portable-Mouse-002 By combining the functionality of a mouse with that of a simple binder clip, the device is made into a much more compact and portable one. The Clip Mouse serves a secondary purpose: it holds the lid of your laptop in place and prevents it from inadvertently opening up during transport. Clip-Mouse-The-Clip-on-Portable-Mouse-03 Its ergonomic C-shape design and flexible material make it both sleek and durable, and its inner rubber contours prevent your laptop from being scratched. It is a unique and brilliant fusion between a mouse and a clip; to secure it to the laptop simply slide it on from the side. With this smart and easy to clip-on functional design, you will not forget to carry your mouse in any business meeting. Clip-Mouse-The-Clip-on-Portable-Mouse-04

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