Clinicloud Mobile Medical Kit

Skip Web M.D. and the line at the walk-in clinic by consulting with Clinicloud instead. The Clinicloud system, founded by Dr. Andrew Lin and Dr. Hon Weng Chong, comes with a digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer that connects to your smart devices to provide legitimate medical consultations in the privacy of your home. clinicloud-02 The thermometer combines infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity to provide extremely accurate readings. Ideal for sleeping children, the thermometer can read temperature without making contact with skin. clinicloud-01 Doctors still use stethoscopes to diagnose common respiratory problems such as asthma or the common cold. Clinicloud’s digital stethoscope allows you to make your own informed opinion and help decide if you need a trip to the doctor’s office or not. While it can’t replace a doctor’s assessment, the Clinicloud allows you to get a similar perspective and understand more about healthcare. clinicloud-03 Clinicloud combines data from both devices into one app, where you can store your health information as long as you need it. The app also tracks respiratory rate and heart rate, making it perfect for patients who require repeated check ups with their doctor. With Clinicloud, you can have peace of mind with accurate records you can browse through to monitor progress.

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