Clairy: The Beautiful and Natural Air Purifier

Clairy natural air purifier
Breathing is the most natural human function, but the air we breathe is increasingly filled with unnatural and harmful toxins such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. These invisible substances pollute the air 5x more indoors, than outdoors. Clairy was created to help filter these harmful substances out of the air using natural means. It is a natural air purifier that uses the power of certain plants to filter the air inside your home or office, while bringing some beautiful design and greenery to your living space. Clairy_02 The plants used with this system are all ones identified by NASA as efficient filters for toxic agents. The problem with just having these plants in your home, is that most of the filtering happens in the roots, and normal flowerpots do not have a ventilation system. Clairy works by circulating air around the roots of these air-filtering plants, and then out into your room, creating the most natural air purifier system on the market. The plant is housed in a smaller flower pot that has ventilation holes. This smaller pot is fitted into a larger pot that has a fan that pushes air out and through the space between the small and large pot. This sends filtered air out into your living space. And Clairy is energy efficient too. There are no filters to change, and Clairy uses half the energy of an LED lightbulb. It is an energy efficient, natural filter that extracts up to 80% of pollutants in a room in just 30 hours. The pot is made of handcrafted ceramic as well, which does not release toxic substances into the air. Clairy is the cleanest natural air purifier. Period. Clairy_03 Clairy is also smart. Download the Clairy app to your phone, and Clairy will give you updates on the air quality of your room. The app charts the levels of pollution in the room it is monitoring, and it gives the user tips on how to better the air in their living space. People are increasingly aware and concerned with how the quality of their air affects their health. Clairy is a natural air filter with no filters to change and maintain. Just take care of the plant, and Clairy takes care of you. To learn more about Clairy, how it works, and the studies conducted to test its filtering capabilities, check out the Clairy website or their Kickstarter page. Video:

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