Citybook Modular Bookcase: The Flexible, Ever-Changing Bookcase

Want to put a unique spin on your book collection or valuables? Well, designers Antonella Di Luca and Ubaldo Righi can help you add a distinctive touch to any living room space with the Citybook modular bookcase. This modular shelving system is comprised of sheet iron house-shaped modules that are linked together by small magnets—a simple function that allows for various kinds of configurations. citybook-modular-bookcase-the-flexible-ever-changing-bookcase-01 The modules come in white or dark grey, and can be arranged roof side up, down, left or right. The modular bookcase comes with suggested layouts, but thanks to the magnets positioned between the surfaces of each module, you can also customize your bookcase to your heart’s desire as well. citybook-modular-bookcase-the-flexible-ever-changing-bookcase-02 And who wouldn’t want to have fun and let their inner designer come out and form a personal cityscape? The positioning of the magnets makes it easy to detach the modules apart and click them together again, seamlessly to create a new, re-constructed shelf for your books and belongings. citybook-modular-bookcase-the-flexible-ever-changing-bookcase-03 The base module, which is made of steel and also comes in white or dark grey, allows a customizable and ever-changing layout. With its minimalist and lightweight form, the Citybook can either be positioned in the middle of the living room or against the wall. citybook-modular-bookcase-the-flexible-ever-changing-bookcase-04 A wall shelf, bookcase, or even extra shelving space in the bedroom or bathroom, the Citybook can form into multiple possibilities, offering a creative and stylish alternative to traditional square and rectangle-shaped shelves. Create a purposeful look or stack the modules into an imaginative cityscape with this flexible and elegant bookcase.

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