Cirque Stools: Beautiful And Functional Seating

Creativity often comes in the form of new ideas.  With that in mind, many new ideas are in fact created by combining preexisting ideas.  This holds true for Cirque stools, one of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna’s (GTV) most recent furniture collections.   A series of circus-inspired seats, Cirque is a beautiful and functional mix of traditional and modern design.
A company known for its conventional designs with contemporary twists, GTV commissioned internationally-recognized designer Martino Gamper.  Gamper, too, enjoys the challenge of taking existing entities and transforming them into something new, as evidenced by his “100 chairs in 100 days” project.
Fittingly, Gamper maintains the classic silhouette of a round stool, simply modifying it with circus-like details.  These added touches come in the form of wood rings that decorate the legs of the seat.
Despite the circus rings that encircle the product’s base, this contemporary and minimalistic stool‘s functionality isn’t compromised in the slightest.  In fact, some might say that the top ring of the tallest stool doubles as a slight back for the seat.
Speaking of the tallest stool, there are three Cirque stools of different heights, aptly named Cirque S (47 cm), Cirque M (78 cm), and Cirque L (97 cm).  Each stool comes in a black base with white detailing, or a white base with black detailing.
 Simple in function, design, and style, these aptly named stools are beautiful circus-themed renditions of the classic round stool, perfect for just about any space.

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