Circle Swing: The Contemporary Rocking Chair

Polish designer, Iwona Kosicka, has designed a contemporary and stylish piece to instantly give any room some life and character. Take the image you have in your mind of a traditional rocking chair and replace that with a totally different contemporary take on a children’s classic. Swing is a wooden and circular swing that can be be used as a rocking chair or as a fun piece to add to any room. swing-1 It serves as a comfortable chair and can be the perfect addition in terms of style, but also usefulness. Swing is made using oak plywood and it is sealed using linseed oil and has a full diameter of 110 cm and a seat width of 33.5 cm. It can be attached to your ceiling using a stainless steel mount. swing-2 This minimalist design is hand crafted by experienced carpenters to ensure the best end design and quality. This is truly a playful addition to any space and promotes wholesome and fun activities. For instance, this chair can be taken for a quick swing, just as you would in the playground in your younger days. This also doubles as a form of fun and quick exercise. swing-3 It is wonderful for both children and adults. This whimsical furniture piece adapts to various contemporary decors as well as being a centerpiece for discussion. It is available in three different colours, black, natural and white. swing-4 Unlike an outdoor swing, this wooden swing is recommended for indoor use as it is not weather resistant. So grab your favourite book and relax in the comfort of your own stylish Swing. swing-5

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