CinniBird Spice Pen: Latte Art Made Easy

Get creative with your food using minimal effort with CinniBird, a pen that draws with powdered food and spices. Designed by Balazs Oltvai, a professional industrial designer based in Budaors, Hungary, the CinniBird was pitched on Kickstarter, and has now blossomed into a fully realized product. This little device makes latte art simple and brings a little fun to your kitchen.   Cinnibird-02 The CinniBird is very simple to use. The pen can be filled with any powdered, edible material such as cinnamon, cocoa powder, paprika, ground parsley, etc. Once the powder is ready to go, hold the tip of the pen over your food, and press the button over the “head” of the CinniBird. The powder flows out of the nozzle, and you can write or draw with the stream of herbs and spices.   Cinnibird-03 The CinniBird is beautifully designed to look like a small, elongated bird. The “wings” on the top of the pen pop off to reveal the batteries and the slot where you fill the device with powder. The CinniBird comes in 3 colour variations: white, white with yellow “wings”, and black. And with its compact size, the device can be easily used by a child.   Cinnibird-05 CinniBird is a fun little gadget to make meal preparation a little more exciting. The best part is that the possibilities are endless! Who doesn’t want a little message in their morning latte?   Video:  

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