Cicret: Tablet Projector Bracelet

Compact computing and style are brought together in the Cicret Bracelet, the second of two innovations dreamed up by the French company Cicret.  Intended to project computer/tablet screens onto the wearer’s arm, the Cicret Bracelet will let users go through daily online routines from social media updates to email without having to do anything beyond wearing some arm candy. cicret-tablet-projector-bracelet-01 Designed to have all the capabilities of a regular tablet, the bracelet will use sensory technology to allow the wearer access to their information online. The bracelet’s key feature is the Pico-Projector, which as the name might suggest, is the area of the bracelet from which the projected screen will appear. Other components include Wi-Fi connectivity, memory card, even a micro-USB port for on-the-go downloading and file transfers. cicret-tablet-projector-bracelet-03 Slated to be available in a choice of 10 colours, and sizes of either 16 GB or 32 GB, the Cicret bracelet’s unique wrap-around design is not only convenient, but also extremely wearable, especially given its intended capabilities. cicret-tablet-projector-bracelet-05 Sounds too good to be true? Cicret has stated that the prototype for the bracelet is underway, so it could be a while until this fancy, almost sci-fi-movie bracelet makes it to the market. However, with enough financial backing, The Cicret Bracelet will no doubt change the face of portable computing. cicret-tablet-projector-bracelet-04 Watch the video here:

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