Chuck: Warping Bookshelf

Here is an interesting design for a bookshelf that will adapt to the size of the contents that you put in it. chuck-bookshelf-warp-03 Designed by German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, Chuck is an one-of-a-kind shelving system that starts as unassuming wooden planks and transforms into a warping bookshelf. chuck-bookshelf-warp-02 Chuck is made out of six 4mm-thick flexible wooden planks with two stainless steel locking collars at the ends. The individual planks stretch out as they make room for books and other contents you put in it. chuck-bookshelf-warp-04 The unique design allows the bookshelf to take on different shapes, while creating a beautiful balance between flexibility and stability. chuck-bookshelf-warp-05 Video:

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