Chinese Herbal Shower

The Chinese herbal shower is a brilliant medical shower. This interesting product gives the user an ultra refreshing and luxurious herbal bath without the elaborate use of essential oils and aromatherapy. With its brilliant rejuvenating effects this special shower is sure to keep you refreshed all the time. herbal-shower-01 The whole idea, design, and concept of the medical shower is extremely beneficial and user friendly. The shower head design serves and pampers otherwise time-pressed users who are always on a quick go. Besides, the whole process is convenient and easy-to-use-design based. herbal-shower-02 Designers Mang Xia, Xiaoneng Jin, Linghan Liu, Fangtian Ying, Shijian Luo, Ke Li, Fan Yang, Qingyuan Chen, Shiyi Shao, Sisi Yuan, Zhening Luo, Yi Liu, Yiwu Qiu, Xin Sun, Tian Tan & Messizon Li worked together to put this brilliant design out. They cleverly used the basic tea bag concept and their simple yet unique idea won the IDEA 2011 award. herbal-shower-03 Working on the infusion concept, where the tea bag saches consist of herbal medicines that infuses with the warm water and flows through your skin, this shower sure has promising rejuvenating effects. You can remove or tear open the transparent plastic jacket and insert the sachet or the tea bag into the shower head and the medicine starts to work its wonders on your body while you shower. A quick and easy way to keep you refreshed all day with just a simple shower. herbal-shower-04

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