Chargerito: Most Portable Phone Charger

With our dependance on connectivity in this day and age, having a fully-charged phone is very important. Two designers, Craig Dalton and Peter Dering have created Chargerito, a tiny mobile device charger that can fit on your keychain and can be plugged into any outlet. Instead of carrying around a bulky phone charger, Chargerito is a smart alternative for convenient use. chargerito-002 No matter what smartphone on the market you might own, Chargerito fits easily inside your pocket so you always have one wherever you go. The device contains prongs that unfold, which allows you to charge your phone to a power outlet, without it poking you while in your pocket. chargerito-004 According to its creators, the Chargerito can fully charge an iPhone 5 in just two hours. The Chargerito can plug into any socket, which places the phone securely against the wall. The device also incorporates a bottle opener into its design as well, an interesting touch. chargerito-003 The Chargerito is currently crowdfunding to support prototyping and development and will start shipping in January 2015 for $19 USD. Chargerito Crowd Funding from Chargerito on Vimeo.

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