ChargeOriginal 90: Angled Casing And Reversible USB

Between charging phones and external battery packs, or connecting devices, USB cables are becoming essential in our daily routines.  Yet with the constant tugging and pulling our poor charging cables go through everyday, it’s no wonder that they often become permanently deformed or damaged.  Founded in 2013, the U.K.’s Wooke Store develops uniquely designed, highly functional alternatives to standard products like the USB cable.  The ChargeOriginal 90 is Wooke’s latest launch, a cable with an angled casing and a reversible USB connector. charge_original_90_05 (738x491) The majority of mass-produced USB cables have a mini USB or lightning connector positioned perpendicular to the cable and device.  This means that the wiring is repeatedly bent near the end, and becomes more susceptible to breakage.  The ChargeOriginal 90 is built with a connector at a 90 degree angle to prevent severe bending.  So whether you’re lazing on the couch or lying in bed, you can rest your device comfortably against your body, the pillow, or whatnot without worrying about damaging the wire. charge_original_90_04 (738x494) Just like the first version of the ChargeOriginal, the ChargeOriginal 90 also boasts a braided cable with unparalleled durability and flexibility for a tangle-free life.  The braiding will also be available in multiple patterns and colours once production is fully in motion. charge_original_90_01 A feature that sets the 90 apart from its predecessor is the reversible USB connector.  How many times have you tried to plug in a cable only to realize that it’s upside down?  With the ChargeOriginal 90, you can attach the cable to the USB port any way–no more fumbling around or scratching your poor device.  At the moment, Wooke has launched a Kickstarter page looking to fund its first prototype of the ChargeOriginal 90, a 1.5 metre lightning cable designed specifically for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. So if you’re in the market for a comfortable, functional, damage-free, tangle-free, and generally hassle-free USB cable, check out the ChargeOriginal 90.