Changers Solar Power

Different solar-powered chargers have invaded the market, claiming to offer this and that advantage over others. Berlin-based Changers thinks beyond the physical product, and offers a marketplace platform for CO2-trading that encourages you to earn CO2 credits and redeem them for sustainable products and services. changers-solar-power-02 Changer’s Starter Kit consists of a solar panel (Maroshi) and a solar charger (Kalhuohfummi). Maroshi is lighter than newspaper and thinner than the iPad, yet it is durably made to be weather and dirt resistant. changers-solar-power-04 changers-solar-power-03 The energy received by Maroshi is transferred and stored in the solar charger battery, Kalhuohfummi. When fully-charged, the portable Kalhuohfummi can recharge the iPhone twice. changers-solar-power-05 Changers’ advanced tracking technology is what sets it apart from other solar chargers. It accurately measures how much solar energy was generated, how much was used, and how much CO2 (and money) the user has saved as a result. changers-solar-power-06 The data gathered is shared in the Changers Community. Every watt-hour of self-generated renewable energy counts towards the user’s Changers Credit, which can be spent for sustainable products and services on the Social Energy Marketplace. The list of growing partners in the marketplace include a car share program, bike share program, fair trade coffee, organic produce, eco-tourism, and co-working space. changers-solar-power-07 Video:

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