Change It!: The Multicolor Wall

Change It! Wall is the brainchild of Amirko, bringing to the masses an essentially customizable wall. With it, you can use colours and shades to create patterns, shapes, words and whatever else you desire on a whim. The wall is a great alternative to those who struggle with choosing paint chips or wallpaper. Especially for those who are particularly indecisive, it’s cost-free if you change your mind. change-it-multicolor-wall-02 The Change It! Wall is a system of triangular prisms attached through rods. The rotating square faces have different colours on the sides, being black, white or one of the many hues in the gradient. The pixelated look can be a matter of taste and offers a throwback to the early years of computer design. The simple colours and the size of the blocks lends a minimalistic quality that is aesthetically pleasing when designing new walls. change-it-multicolor-wall-03 The Change It! Wall is an ingenious way to keep refreshing your space without undertaking the cost and effort of repainting a wall. It’s also a unique way to express yourself and a great option for artists. You can make memos, motivational words, favourite characters, or just colour according to your mood. The Change It! Wall is a versatile option for anyone looking for something chic and different. change-it-multicolor-wall-04

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