Chameleon: World’s Most Versatile Backpack

The great outdoors sounds as magnificent as it can sound intimidating. There is so much to know and do, that trying to enjoy its wonders can be too daunting to attempt. The team at TRAILFORM has come up with a way to make that first foray into the wilderness that much easier with the Chameleon. The Chameleon is a versatile backpack that boasts a 36 liter carrying capacity, easy access to compartments, and allows you to turn itself into a chair. The Chameleon is lightweight at just about 5 pounds with all components, made from heavy duty denier nylon, water and abrasion resistant, and its Sit-System frame can support up to 300 pounds. Equipped with two Switch bags, each holding 16 liters each, and 4 liters of additional space in a water bladder and laptop storage space, the Chameleon can hold as much as you need in one container. The pack also utilizes Molle, commonly used in military and tactical bags, to attach additional items without packing them into one of the Switch bags. There are also lashing buckles along the bottom of the bag to attach items like fishing poles and tents to keep your hands and back free from carrying other objects. While a lot of these features sound extreme, the Chameleon can be just as useful for less adventurous outdoor activities. Use this backpack for the beach, a tailgate, on a hike, or just to carry a lot without having multiple bags or bins to hold. The Sit-System frame is an added bonus for kids’ sports to hunting and everything in between. If you do not need the whole backpack, the two Switch bags can be used separately (16 liters) or together (32 liters) as sling bags. There are two zippers that run from the top of the bag to the bottom so you can access your contents from any angle; even while the bag is deployed with the Sit-System chair. The Chameleon’s Sit-System frame is made from aluminum, making it very lightweight. The bag’s Penta-Zip patent-pending technology makes unfolding the bag quick and easy. The bag is attached to the frame with anchors and seat flaps that are made to be secure; only coming undone when you want to pack up your chair on-the-go. With so much versatility, there is almost no need for another backpack. The Chameleon allows you to go anywhere you want and bring whatever you need while you are there so that you can better enjoy your activities; however you choose to experience the wonders of the great outdoors. Get one today and let Chameleon help you make great memories.

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